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Dilated surface veins range from tiny spider veins, to prominent blue lines, to huge, bulging varicose vessels.  Symptoms can vary-- from none at all, to incapacitating levels of discomfort.  Associated consequences of localized vein malfunction can include swelling, dark staining of the skin, stiffening and hardness of nearby tissues, skin rashes and even open ulcer sores which fail to heal for months or years until the problem with the veins is corrected.  Complications can include blood clots, phlebitis, and spontaneous bleeding.

Our approach to vein disease begins with and evaluation of the severity and the cause of your problem, which may include painless testing with Doppler, duplex ultrasound, or deep vein studies. Once a diagnosis is reached, a plan of treatment and cost estimate are composed to address your specific needs.

If simple spider veins are the only defect, treatment is often begun at the first visit, but when underlying problems are apparent in the larger or more central connections of the system of veins, specific appointments and/or insurance preapproval may need to be arranged. 

We offer state of the art treatments for all sizes of problem veins:

  • Injection Sclerotherapy  for small spider veins and blue line feeder veins
  • Endovenous Ablation  closure of underlying saphenous veins which cause large bulging varicose veins, using laser energy, radiowave energy, or microfoam injection under ultrasound guidance (these treatments replace old-fashioned vein stripping surgery).
  • Laser Closure of dilated facial veins with the CoolTouch Varia laser
  • Micro-incision Phlebectomy to remove large bulging varicose veins without visible scars or general anesthesia
  • Special Techniques for large unsightly veins of the hands or feet.

By combining the best available treatments, we routinely achieve very satisfactory improvement in function and appearance.  Our vein care patients have been very supportive, referring family members and friends and co-workers to us, and giving us very gratifying feedback about the impact of healthy leg veins on their lives and their comfort.

Dr. Owens is a board certified phlebologist and a member of the American College of Phlebology, the nation's largest organization of physicians and surgeons dedicated to vein care and education.  He has taught courses to other physicians on the techniques of injection sclerotherapy.

Please take a look at our before and after pictures.

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